Who is greg wallace dating

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The lead role of Catharine Robb Whyte is her very first film role. Selected noteworthy television roles include Mary Ryan (RYAN'S HOPE), Mrs. Among her films are the classic comedy THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN, REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, and most recently, the award-winning docudrama THE RESPONSE.Playing a woman as inspiring as Catharine sparked such love for the camera that Julie Lynn now "draws home" in Vancouver’s vibrant film and television community where she acts, teaches acting, and exercises a range of creative passions. Kate is currently shooting the new TV series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.An entrepreneur and educator as well as a performer, she holds a B. She is a passionate advocate against Alzheimer's disease. Emmy Winner and Golden Globe Nominee Peter Strauss is a versatile leading television, stage and film actor.

Our fiercely talented and collegial cast is led by Canadian treasures, Juan Riedinger and newcomer Julie Lynn Mortensen, bringing the story to life in a way that exceeded all my expectations.

He attained stardom in the role of Rudy Jordache in the pioneering TV miniseries RICH MAN, POOR MAN and went on to become one of the stalwarts of the made-for-TV movie form.

His roles in this genre have included the title characters in YOUNG JOE, THE FORGOTTEN KENNEDY; PETER GUNN and THICKER THAN BLOOD: THE LARRY MCLINDEN STORY.

The values in their story that were instantly evident to me included the powerful combination of passion, generosity and modesty.

This was not just the legacy of two passionate artists, it was not only the story of two modestly anonymous philanthropists and it was not only a love story.

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