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“They never saw their parents again as so many were sent to concentration camps.“It was a brutal time and people did anything to survive.These play a crucial role in the immune system, and in leukaemia, all these cells become abnormal, says Dr Mike Potter, consultant haematologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital and the London Clinic, who treated Sue.‘Chemotherapy can reduce the cancer, but it can’t destroy it completely.In a stem cell transplant, cells travel to the centre of the bones and start making new blood cells able to fight the cancer that’s left over from the chemo.’About 2,000 people in Britain need a stem cell transplant for leukaemia and lymphoma — cancers of the blood — and other blood disorders, such as sickle cell anaemia. He then travelled to a hospital in Frankfurt to have cells harvested during a three-hour procedure.And only now has that secret, closely guarded by Glasgow granny Bronislawa Jakubska for more than 70 years, come to light . But after she died they were shocked to discover she was really 82 . Her family have been left stunned after discovering she was three years older than they believed, and the explanation for the mystery has its origins in war-torn Europe.It seems that Bronislawa’s desperate father, Boleslaw Strakowski, paid a forger to make documents to show his daughter was three years younger than she was.

“Birth certificates were forged, ages changes and sympathetic Polish officials would sometimes assist by conspiring to help.

How desperately we cling to illusions of youth and relevancy.

-- Citizen of the Galaxy* Once upon a time, even Before the Flood, contemporaneous fans of "Old Blue Eyes" and the "Candy Man" embarrassed themselves with such phrases, in a vain attempt to sustain their own relevance.

She married twice and worked as a cook going on to have two children, Basia and Peter.

As well as eight grandchildren, Bronislawa is survived by 10 great-grandchildren.

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