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Sigurðardóttir, the first woman to hold this position.

Christianity was present from the beginning of human habitation in Iceland, a fact that is unique to Iceland among the European nations.

In fact, once you start to cuddle her, you might not want to stop.

Overweight women should hire themselves out as professional cuddlers.

For the previous six months, Oliver North and his colleagues at the National Security Council and the CIA had been leaking stories to the Washington press corps charging that the leadership of the Nicaraguan government, including Defense Minister Humberto Ortega, was in league with the Medellin cartel and with Fidel Castro in a hemisphere –wide cocaine-trafficking network.

The church is organised into one diocese headed by the Bishop of Iceland.

In the late 10th century missionaries from the continent sought to spread Catholicism among the population.

Ari Þorgilsson, in his historical work Íslendingabók, recounts that the nation was deeply divided between the adherents of the different religions that would not tolerate each other.

Any stamp partly concealed by an overlapping stamp may not be counted as postage.

Sometimes that whole scene can turn into an enormous fight when you are dating a chick that is average-sized.

Well, if you are dating someone that is plus-sized, then you don’t have to worry about this a whole lot.

She is going to probably be willing to go pretty much anywhere you want her to, at any time.

It feels like you are snuggling with your 12-year-old brother.

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