Chat up grannys

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The website (on which you are reading this) has several components.A public part where we share with the world what we are up to.They reach out with the hug or an embrace in the face of a bereavement or illness.They even arrange to visit each other and sometimes centres on their own.

To provide these children, unfamiliar with English language, an opportunity to interact with native English speakers (mostly from the UK).

While we’re all going to grow old, some will age more gracefully than others, some will need more personalized attention, some less, from an in-home health aide.

Here, we strive to maintain and improve their quality of life with dignity, respect, and compassion in the privacy of their Long Island home.

The Grannies connect not only with the children and coordinators of the centres / labs they skype into; they connect with other Grannies.

They discuss ideas that cut across not only the labs they connect and are familiar with, but consider and share possibilities in the context of other locations as well. The Grannies connect with each other even at a personal level. They take joy in the success of a connection and a fruitful session ANYWHERE.

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