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As far as hiding the fixtures, a less than picturesque sink can easily be transformed with the addition of a fabric skirt, or even PVC pipe, which can be painted or upholstered and then used to cover wobbly metal legs, says Mc Cauley.

Problematic bathroom floors are one of the easiest elements to change; they can be covered with carpet or laminate flooring, or even linoleum, which is making a comeback.

It's not just plaid, it's garish plaid, in intense shades of black, brown, yellow and teal green. To top it all off, someone who was clearly just discovering the joys of a caulk gun has smeared thick, unsightly ropes of white caulk on every possible surface around the tub and toilet.

The kind of plaid that actually makes you dizzy if you stare at it too long. The tub, sink and toilet are all the same lovely color. The sink stands on two wobbly metal legs, and has a faucet so tiny you literally can't fit a Dixie cup under it to get a drink of water.

Find Out More If you've been following the Gaines on social media of late, you've likely got an inkling.

Let's just say that Chip's working a new look these days. Here's a Peek and a Recap In the final episode of season four, Chip and Joanna take on a project for some extra special clients and deliver a makeover that's way long on 'wow' factor. Take the Photo Tour Read About It on Our Blog See Exclusive Video Waco expatriates Lauren and Will have decided to return to their roots, moving back to Waco where they plan to settle down and raise two daughters.

I'd like to make over our ugly bathroom without ripping up the tile or replacing all the fixtures, but wonder if that’s really possible.

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The graph below pinpoints the age at which you peak at everything in terms of your money.

We've gathered together some of the most popular makeovers from throughout the first four seasons.

Now you can pick your favorites from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 .

Take the Photo Tour Read More About It Joanna works her magic, divining her clients' wishes and giving them just what they're looking for in their first fixer-upper — and maybe a few things they didn't even know they were looking for.

Get a First Look A family of five is in search of a new home with lots of space but they don't want to sacrifice traditional features and classic style.

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