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Because of the constantly changing nature of residence restriction laws, I suggest keeping about three month's rent in a savings account.Even if you are on disability, keep about 00 or so in your account at all times (Rules of Social Security Disability/ SSI allows you to keep up to 00 in savings without penalty.Effective June 2017, you can no longer access the System for Award Management (SAM) using Internet Explorer (IE) Versions older than IE11.You either need to upgrade to an Internet Explorer version of IE11 or higher, or access SAM with another supported browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc).It should be a no-brainer, but be sure to register with the Sheriff's office ASAP; don't delay, as many areas have short registration periods.Let's be honest here-- chances are if a renter will rent to you, he's likely less concerned about his property or the quality of his tenants.That being said, "No police agency or even the US Marshals can come into any residence without a warrant, if a person is off of supervision.The only time they can is, if it is an emergency (fire, or other such emergency) or they hear someone being hurt." Moving to another state is a greater hassle than moving across town.

They are out there, its just a long, difficult process.

However, even if you are staying in the Bates Motel, be sure to take good care of your property.

Building a good rapport with the landlord will help you as you often need good references for a new lease.

Keep in mind also that there is always the chance that the feds will swing by for compliance checks; under the controversial Adam Walsh Act, the US Marshals have been given jurisdiction in compliance checks (I question the constitutionality of that provision).

Remember just because you are on a registry does not mean they can come in and check your residence without a warrant.

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