Speed dating events in dublin

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We call it dating but if you don't want to give out your phone number, no problem.

This is firstly a language exchange but you never know you could meet someone you like!

Add in the fact that they have a speed dating evening and you are bound to get a ride somehow!

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Both native speakers of the above languages and people who want to practice them are welcome.You will have to battle through the Irish folk and some couples, but there are sure to be some fine looking French men there post game (and a few women).Release day for the most awaited "sexy" movie in years.I just felt a bit cheated some of the people there were friends of the organisers who were there to make up the numbers and therefore weren't looking to meet anyone.It is that incredibly painful time of year where single folk are made feel like shit for not having met the partner of their dreams yet, by all the loved up couple out drinking champagne and licking strawberries off each other.

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