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They sent the certificate and a cassette with some recorded comments from the judges.They were positive, and it was nice to get some feedback." Dave plays a black Fender US Stratocaster Deluxe: "just like my mate Eric! He has seven other guitars which are used for recording.Though enjoying the various sports at school, he had no great ambitions in that area. At fourteen he started studying the guitar - with tips from his brother, and became heavily involved in music, inspired particularly by The Beatles.This led to spells in several local bands, after which he moved into composing, and recording demo's.It was, in fact, the first triple album ever released".

Not so long back, recording equipment was very expensive: multi-track tape machines and mixing consoles, plus all the other equipment would cost tens of thousands.

I think Elton was very fortunate to cross paths with them, but then I think Luck is his middle name.

Look how he met Dave's musical tastes cover the full spectrum from classical to rock, but he has always had a leaning to ballads.

In addition to The Beatles -both as a band and subsequently solo artists, other influential bands and musicians over the years have been Yes, Bread, David Gates, Elton John, Home, Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, The Eagles and Don Henley.

is one of Dave's favourite: "I don't believe Elton's songs would never have been the same without his contributions.

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