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Or can I just go somewhere “less complicated” for my hair styling from now on?

I hate processing, and I actually don’t want to stress her out more about her wedding. A: You do not have to tell your hairdresser anything if you’d rather just quietly find someone else.

Which is why I am shocked at how hard I have to fake being happy about this.

Why am I suppressing feelings of depression and disappointment?

There is no way to not hurt his feelings—this is clearly going to be rough for everyone.

How do I start this conversation, and how much emotional support do I try to offer, given that I have had time to brace myself and he has not?

I’ve recently suspected he might be cheating, but after searching his phone (I know, I’m sorry), I couldn’t find any evidence. Well, after coming home from an annual OB-GYN appointment, I cried to him that I was diagnosed with herpes. If you no longer trust your partner and believe they are lying to you, you do not need evidence to break up with them.

I was so upset and again brought up his potential cheating, as it’s the only way I could have gotten an STD. I was never diagnosed but thought the lie would get him to confess. You could simply have said, “I no longer trust you, and I don’t believe you when you say you’re being faithful; if I can’t trust you, then we can’t be together,” and walked away from this relationship with your head held high. The reason you feel awful is because you have done something awful.

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We have a great relationship with normal ups and downs over the years. There is no healthy, sustainable love story that includes “I knew he was cheating, but he wouldn’t admit it, so after going through his phone, I falsified medical information to get him to confess and now everything’s great.” What you could, and should, have done when you became convinced he was cheating, even if he was not willing to admit it, was end the relationship.For some, that might be “just waiting for the ring” territory, but we have never had conversations about moving in or marriage.I love my boyfriend, but we have reached a plateau, and it’s clear to me that this is not going to be a forever relationship.That can come later; don’t make him wonder what you’re trying to talk to him about.Start by telling your boyfriend that you want to break up, that you love him and that this relationship has meant a lot to you, but that you don’t see yourself together in the long run and you’re ready to move on. : My husband’s terrific brother, “Dave,” cherished his wife, “Connie,” and nursed her loyally through the cancer battle that claimed her life last year.

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