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Josh and his mother say Child Protective Services listed the second child on its original complaint, but the judge found the allegation lacked merit and struck it out.Josh says there was no such assault, he wasn’t adjudicated for it, never pled to it, but hasn’t had the money to petition to have it removed.

If Josh gets a haircut or grows a beard, he’s supposed to go back to the local DPS office and re-register to keep his image current.

The next day, Josh was arrested and sent into Texas’ juvenile justice system. The three-bedroom house is neat but crowded, full of happy kids, two big dogs and a couple of turtles in terrariums.

“There was quite a bit of shock,” Josh says of his arrest.

These children are also not generally being convicted of the crimes people associate with sex offenders, like rape. Paul Andrews is a forensic psychologist who works with juvenile sex offenders in Smith County.

Almost two-thirds of offenses were for fondling or non-forcible offenses like sharing pornography. He said labeling children sex offenders is becoming more frequent—and the offenders are getting younger.

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