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“ANDSF trainees who go AWOL while training in the United States cost the U. government millions of dollars in cancelled course and per diem costs, while wasting training opportunities that could have gone to other students,” the Commander of the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A) said last year.

In response, the CSTC-A rescinded several slots for trainee courses slated for 2017, but SIGAR contends that more needs to be done to combat the rising problem.

Threats of death, widespread corruption and dismal job prospects spurred scores of Afghan troops to flee training courses in the United States, according to a report issued Friday.

Afghans were among several foreign nationals that went AWOL after arriving in the United States.

SIGAR interviewed seven Afghan trainees who were granted asylum and 35 current personnel, many of whom described looming acts of potential violence.

One female trainee said the Taliban visited her home and threatened her family, with others reporting similar stories. Others feared their lives would be compromised if they returned from the United States with evidence of training there. troops have been killed there, with thousands of Afghan civilians and security forces also dead.

The report raises questions on the high costs of the war. A massive Taliban attack Wednesday killed 43 Afghan troops.

Nearly billion has been spent to train and equip the Afghan security forces, the report said. government can't keep tabs on foreign military trainees, maybe the training shouldn't take place in the United States," Grassley added.

The soldier also expressed frustration over the lack of clarity about their mission, she said.“While in reserve status, trainees’ pay is cut in half and various benefits are forfeited.” However, the issue of AWOL trainees – which takes place when a visiting trainee does not show up at scheduled activities without prior permission for more than 24 hours – is hardly new.A Fox News exclusive back in 2010 exposed the fact that 17 Afghan military men had defected from an Air Force Base in Texas alone, while a further 46 members of the Afghan military had walked away from the Defense Language Institute’s English Language Center.Trainees going AWOL tracked closely with rising death toll of Afghan police and military.Killings of security forces rose between April and October 2009, for instance, spurring an uptick in AWOL incidents. One soldier told SIGAR he had low confidence in the often U.

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