These coconuts are quite intimidating

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It’s hand-harvested off the coast of France, dried at a low temperature and contains no additives, bleaching agents or anti-caking agents.Celtic Sea Salt provides over 80 trace minerals (including iodine), helps balance electrolyte levels, and helps balance alkaline/acid levels.Last month I did my Healthy Treats Class and the recipe that is always everyones favorite are the chocolate coconut macaroons (see below.) Whenever I suggest to clients or friends that, “yes”, they can have a few in the afternoon as a pick me up or after dinner they look at me with disbelief. ” Coconut, like chocolate, often gets a bad rap for all of the other additives that are often in treats such as sugar, butter and sometimes even corn syrup!We are taught to believe that coconut is “high in fat” so we should avoid it.

Even at room temperature, you may get little solid chunks of oil around the edges of your bowl and if that happens give it couple whisks to incorporate the chunks.**I use this exact spatula for my crepe makin'.

But, while coconuts are high in saturated fat it is from a vegetable origin.

The fat in coconut consists of medium-chain triglycerides that not only help reduce your risk of coronary artery disease and promote healthy circulation, but they also support optimal neurological functioning.

Today, I’m sharing a sweet crepe recipe made with coconut oil and no refined sugars.

In my opinion, these crepes taste just like any other crepes I’ve had but with just few minor changes these are a little healthier and somewhat guilt free.

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