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Athena (Roman Minerva), the daughter of Zeus and a female Titan, was the goddess of wisdom, military skill, cities, and crafts.

Artemis (Roman Diana) was the goddess of hunting and the protector of wild animals.

The underlying moral principle, though, was that the gods rewarded honorable behavior and obedience, and people who dishonored themselves or defied the gods usually paid a high price. Greece is a peninsula surrounded by sea and islands.

Rugged mountains and the jagged coastline break the land into many small, separate areas. Instead, it consisted of small kingdoms that after about 800 . Because travel was easier by sea than by land, the Greeks became a nation of seafarers, and they traded and established colonies all over the Mediterranean and the Near East.

He was the protector of justice, kingship, authority, and the social order. Many myths tell of his love affairs with various goddesses, Titans, and human women—and their effects.

Hera (Roman Juno), queen of the gods, was Zeus's sister and wife.

Many have been passed down from ancient times in more than one version.

The pantheon of the ancient Greeks consisted of the Olympian gods and other major deities, along with many minor deities and demigods. The principal deities, six gods and six goddesses, lived on Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece.

Zeus (called Jupiter by the Romans) was the king of the gods and reigned over all the other deities and their realms.

The other gods mocked Hephaestus because he was lame and also because of Aphrodite's adulteries, such as her love affair with the god of war, Ares (Roman Mars).

Two Olympian goddesses were virgins who resisted sexual advances from gods and men.

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