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Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach, strongly advises against flirting on Linked In.“I don’t think its appropriate, honestly, at all,” she said.Linked In is an extension of the workplace, similar to going into the office or attending a corporate networking event, the theory of the case goes.If you wouldn’t flirt on a conference call, don’t do it on Linked In.“I’ve had my fair share of weird messages on Linked In, so my standard practice is not to accept invites from anyone (mostly men) that I do not know or are not affiliated with my industry,” said a woman who works for a technology firm and requested anonymity for professional reasons.

From December 2015 and March of this year, Doe, who works for a Fortune 500 company in California, and Aaron Eichler, identified in the complaint as a managing director at Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey Inc., a unit of Sun Trust Banks Inc., exchanged several dozen messages.

When Doe expressed interest in hearing more, the messages shifted from professional, she alleged. Here’s my number if you wanna play,” wrote Eichler, according to court filings.

He later added that it could be a “late night secret” before sending a graphic photograph, she alleged.

After Doe didn’t reply, he wrote “Ugh, I guess I screwed up :( bummer dude.” The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent retention and supervision.

“We take allegations of this nature very seriously, do not condone harassing conduct and take appropriate actions as warranted,” a spokesman for Sun Trust said before the lawsuit was filed.

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