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I found Pink Mirror through a graphic design forum.At first, my expectations were low, because most photo enhancement tools are too complicated to use. I wanted to edit some face shots to thin out my face.For example, e-Classifieds is the only classifieds solution that contains our patent pending, seamlessly integrated, one-click credit card processing that doesn't force your users to leave your site and that ensures payment.

Having a distinctly-shaped nose can be an attribute or flaw in photographs.This is especially true when the camera flash is used.Pink Mirror automatically detects and removes red eyes from photos whenever this is an issue.What does e-Classifieds do for all of these top e-Businesses and what can it do for yours?e-Classifieds empowers your online community with effective tools to attract and retain more visitors to your web site, enables automated content creation by your users, and offers the opportunity to generate substantial additional revenue streams through its e-commerce and real-time credit card processing capabilities, as well as its built-in support for your banner advertising campaigns or third party tools such as Google Ad Sense.

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