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This type of threat is called blackmail, and you might feel like you have no option but to do what your partner says.

Blackmailing is a form of emotional abuse and, like all abuse, is about power and control.

Some guys play it cool and don’t overtly show a lot of signs, so if you don’t notice these things it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you.

If your partner makes threats like this, they’re putting you in a really tough spot.

A support system can help you stay strong and feel supported during a difficult time.So make sure you let the first part of what I said sink in.OK, so what are some signs you can tell if he likes you? Here’s a checklist off the top of my head: That’s a pretty good list of things that can let you know if he’s into you.I’m going to go with the assumption that you like him, mainly because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked.So let’s assume that I’m right and you like him and you’d like it if he wants you back.

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