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The use of a radiometric-Krypton-dating technique on ice from Antarctica's Taylor Glacier was documented in a paper published this week in the .The new technique provides an accurate means of confirming the age of ice samples, and researchers note it is now the most precise dating tool for ancient ice."There are places where meteorites originating from Mars have been pushed out by glaciers and collect at the margins.

Development of the ATTA-3 instrument was funded, in part, by the Division of Earth Sciences in NSF's Geosciences Directorate.

In their experiment at Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, the researchers put several 300-kilogram (about 660 pounds) chunks of ice into a container and melted it to release the air from the bubbles, which was then stored in flasks.

A newly developed, Blue Ice Drill, which has a diameter of 24.1 centimeters (9.5 inches) was used to obtain the samples.

Each year, NSF receives more than 48,000 competitive proposals for funding and makes about 12,000 new funding awards.

Robustly testing hypotheses of geographic synchroneity of abrupt and extreme change during the late Pleistocene (60,000 to 11,650 years ago) requires a level of chronological precision often lacking in ice, marine and terrestrial sequences.

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