Dating of rocks ppt

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This was not proven until recently when drilling of sediments of the continental shelves revealed fresh water moving seaward through the sedimentary layers.

The dissolved solids of ground waters can be measured in parts per thousand (ppt) and vary significantly from as fresh as rain water (0.0001 ppt) to extremely saline brine (over ppt) that seeps from the platform onto the floors of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico [18].

Nearly one hundred years ago John Joly [2] measured the amount of By 1930 radioactive dating methods had been developed which indicated that the age of the earth was longer than anyone had anticipated. Van Till, Young and Menninga do not present the evidence, but simply endorse the model supposed by earlier evolutionists.concentration of seawater during recent times would be too small to be measurable.

Many scientists became convinced that the earth and the ocean are billions of years old. But there is an indirect test for the hypothesis; we can compare measured input rates with all known or conjectured output rates.

These scientists could no longer endorse Joly's method which they recognized "...leads to the spuriously low geochemical age"[3]. If outputs are considerably lower than inputs at present, then the sea cannot be be in steady state.

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Next, we calculate the maximum possible age of the ocean on the basis of the evolutionary model, in order to show the inconsistency of that model.The second powerpoint looks at smoke alarms and medical tracers, whilst the third powerpoint covers carbon and uranium dating of rocks and a blockbusters style game on the topic.concentration of the ocean is not today in "steady state" as supposed by evolutionists, but is increasing with time.This fine rock flour is dominated by silicate minerals which weather rapidly when added to the ocean.Schultz and Turekian [13] describe the silica enriched deep ocean waters A considerable quantity of the dust removed from the continents by wind is added to the ocean.

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