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Here's where you can meet singles in Ottawa, Ontario.

I am caring, friendly and family and God mean the world to me.

I am looking for a partner in crime, with whom I can grow in God, in us and individually. I am a fun-loving Christian woman who is seeking that special Christian man to share life with.

Age: 21-30Occupation: Music producer Hobbies: Only buying designer items, leases really expensive cars, being a huge d*ck to girls at first, always making sure he gets what he wants Looking for: An Instagram 'model', someone who will brag about all the gifts he buys her, only wants a relationship for show.

Hobbies: Hardly ever leaving Barrhaven, only Snapchats at the gym, never not thinking about his ex Looking for: Someone who can make his ex jealous (who has clearly moved on), a small girl who can eat a lot, someone who has their own apartment so he doesn't have to bring her back to his parent's at 2AM.

Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.Age: 25-35Occupation: Architect Hobbies: Travelling, reading coffee table books about Italian Vineyards, interning for the experience Looking for: The one, a mature, girl next door vibe, someone who is over the partying scene but still likes to have fun.Age: 21-30Occupation: Has a bachelors degree in Sociology but still works as a waiter Hobbies: Drinking until they don't remember anything, partying every single weekend, only suggesting to meet girls at bars off of Tinder Looking for: No commitment, and definitely won't save your number in his phone. My personality is a mix between David Spade and Kourtney Kardashian. Warm, caring grounded and one to protect the weak or voiceless.I'm an environmental technician though planning to go back to school next year in healthcare (If God wills it)..

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