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" which means "We work throughout the entire week." Japanese people also use 10-day periods called jun These are frequently used to indicate approximate times, for example, "the temperatures are typical of the jōjun of April"; "a vote on a bill is expected during the gejun of this month." Each day of the month has a semi-systematic name.The days generally use kun (native Japanese) numeral readings up to ten, and thereafter on (Chinese-derived) readings, but there are some irregularities.character, which normally means "absent" or "there is not", was here probably originally used as ateji, that is used only for the sound "na".

The 30th was also called misoka, just as the 20th is called hatsuka.Usage of kōki dating can be a nationalist signal, pointing out that the history of Japan's imperial family is longer than that of Christianity, the basis of the Anno Domini (AD) system. The 1940 Summer Olympics and Tokyo Expo were planned as anniversary events, but were canceled due to the Second Sino-Japanese War.The Japanese naval Zero Fighter was named after this year.Japanese calendar types have included a range of official and unofficial systems.At present, Japan uses the Gregorian calendar together with year designations stating the year of the reign of the current Emperor.

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