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(3) A wheelchair is not required for meeting an individual’s needs if he does not need to use it within the living accommodation comprising or included in the dwelling concerned.

(4) A person is not an eligible person for the purposes of these Regulations if the relevant valuation band as regards the dwelling in respect of which he is a liable person is valuation band A.

This was spitting on the sidewalk back then.” And I can understand that argument.

My question is, if that’s your position, how can anybody be feigning shock that Nancy Heinen then went on to file all the false documents that would be required in order to carry out what everyone understood to be a spitting-on-the-sidewalk type infraction they were willing to commit.

At a public company, it’s not just foreseeable that any deception upon shareholders will eventually have to be reduced to writing–it’s inevitable.

Last October I interviewed Scott Mc Nealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems (SUNW), for a different story, and I brought up the subject of options backdating.

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In some circumstances, we may be able to pay Housing Benefit for an earlier date than the date of your claim form. Backdating is sometimes possible, but there are only limited circumstances, so it is best to make your claim for housing benefit as soon as possible.

Since so many people think this is an important point, I thought I’d do a post addressing just that contention. What I assume people mean is that granting in-the-money options is not illegal, so long as you account for it properly. But the whole point of backdating is to pretend that you’re not granting in-the-money options when in fact you are.

And to say it’s up to the bean-counters to catch this situation is silly, because the whole reason you’re using phony dates is so that the bean-counters won’t know what you really did.

And this is why defenses to backdating sometimes get hard for me to understand.

Sure the accounting rules are arcane and most people don’t know them.

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