Updating escd nvram protected

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What You See Is Sort-of Like What You Get (sprich: wiesel-wig) (deutsch: „Was Du siehst ist in etwa wie das, was du bekommst“), zynische Bezeichnung für WYSIWYG-Programme, die nicht halten, was sie versprechen What You See Is What You Get (sprich: wi-szi-wig) (deutsch: „Was du siehst ist was du bekommst“).

My other alternative to the AR41S would be Clevo's D901C but it suffers from the same problem regarding VT...

updating escd nvram protected-35

updating escd nvram protected-9

updating escd nvram protected-67

updating escd nvram protected-41

Also for some reason I can only use "phnxdeco -x" and not "phnxdeco -xs", not sure if this is a problem.

After that I found out that the BIOS contains some compressed modules, and therefore it is not sufficient to look for the specific RDMSR/WRMSR instructions in the BIOS image I just dumped.

Fortunately I found a utility called "phnxdeco" that can extract these modules.

Once I had ensured there wasn't more than one use of the instructions I was interested in I could be sure I had the only execution-path that used those instructions (sometimes you'll find multiple occurrences and you might be caught out by analysing a code-path that isn't used in practice!

) I could work out the thoughts and design principles of the programmers and from that make assumptions about how organised they were in laying out their code and data structures.

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